reveal.js bindings

This presentation is proudly made in plain text with reveal.js, org-reveal, org-mode and emacs.
The presentation is 2-dimensional: press 'o' to see the overview. Click or Enter to go into a slide

Key Action
h this keyboard help
p, page up prev slide (left or up)
n, page down next slide (right or down)
home first slide
end last slide
left go left
right go right
up go up
down go down
enter stop overview, go into slide
space next slide (or stop overview)
shift-space prev slide (or stop overview)
b, period blank/unblank screen
f, F11 full screen (Esc or F11 to exit)
Esc, o toggle overview
s speaker window: notes, next slide, timer, controls the presentation
progress bar (bottom of window) move to that approximate slide
u toggle showing slide number in URL and in browser history

Author: Vladimir Alexiev

Created: 2014-06-03 Tue 14:23

Emacs (Org mode 8.2.6)